MACD Degree Show

The MA Communication Design’s final exhibition is inspired by the process of clearing the lockers at the end of the academic year. The things we found, were a picture of the journey we went through during the year: glue, scissors, and even champagne. These suspended objects invite visitors into a frozen moment in the students’ lives.

The project involved a small team working across curation, identity, space, web design and printed collateral.

Structure and materials across the gallery, divide the space into small compartments: each student’s locker. This time, the work is fully exposed. Between metal frames and whiteboards, the visitor is invited to step inside and interact with the pieces.

Designed in collaboration with Shuruti Vengatesh, Tommaso Russo, Aude Rouaux, Felix Guth, and Nils Braun.

Gallery photography: Di Cao.

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